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The auto booms technology within the Guia Platinum acquires the worry and responsibility of the on/off spray. This feature accommodates exclusion zones, variable rates within an area and allows the pilot to allocate focus towards other aspects of the job at hand.

Guia Platinum allows pilots to navigate through menus with ease, using touch technology interface and super bright 8.4” moving map display. Memory cards are not required due to the offered 8GB to 64GB Hard Drive. With wireless, 3G, and Bluetooth capabilities, file transfer is seamless and communication is readily available when necessary.

The Platinum operates a Linux-based operating system, so there are no hidden license fees, no need for anti-virus software and no need for regular service pack updates. It’s designed as a single unit, so there are no extra components adding weight and taking up space. The sealed avionics-grade aluminum enclosure allows reliable operation even in harsh environmental condition.

As always, when you buy an Ag-Nav product, you get 24/7, 365 days a week technical support by phone, email or through the built-in on-line remote assistance.

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Better Results, With Less Effort 


The AG-NAV Guia is the world's most powerful GPS navigation system for aerial applications.

Find out more about the AG-NAV Guia here.

Guia System

Rugged design

Rugged, Compact Design

Being less than 4cm (1.57") thick and weighing only 1.5kg (3.3lbs), our all in one Guia unit is highly compact and convenient. It is equipped with a crisp 16.5cm (6.5”) display. Our carefully designed aluminum alloy housing, made in Canada, ensures that the Guia can withstand the harshest conditions. It is also sealed to prevent any kind of external contamination.


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Moving map display




Moving Map Display

Our intelligent moving map display provides fast and clear visual information about your area. It also displays vital application
details that keeps pilots informed at all times.


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Obstacle Warning



Keeping Pilots Safe

Power lines, tall trees, poles, and wind turbines are just some of the hazards that pilots face every job. Guia’s obstacle warning feature warns pilots of incoming obstacles with a message and alarms. If you live in the USA, FAA provides tower obstacle data free of charge, which is 100% compatible with the Guia.


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Accessories for All Applications

AG-NAV offers a wide variety of attachments for all types of applications, all compatible with the Guia.


Lightbars and Indicators

AG-FLOW Automatic Flow Control System

AG-LASER Altimeter

Automatic Target Spray

P-500 All-Purpose GPS Engine








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Need more out of the Guia?


The AG-NAV FlightMasterTM optimizes your next job for wind conditions, droplet size, and more using highly advanced drift offset technology. It also features an on-board weather station.

To find out more about the FlightMaster, check out the FlightMaster page.


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